Video Here- A Young Man Shot Dead During Bitter Fight With Security Guard In Kampala – See What Happened

Over the past three days there has been a heated debate in the country about the conduct of law enforcement officers and the respect they deserve from the public.

This follows an incident where a 21 year old man attacked a police officer in Mirema, Kasarani after he confronted him for breaking traffic rules.In a video that circulated the internet on Sunday, the young man could be seek punching the elderly officer before members of the public saved him.

The officer suffered major injuries and was rushed to hospital for treatment. The young man was later arrested while hiding at his girlfriend’s house and is currently facing criminal charges.

As Ugandans continue to debate on the case, a new video has surfaced online showing a young man attacking an armed police officer. According to reports, the case happened in Uganda not long ago.

The young man who looks agitated is seen confronting the officer without minding the dangerous firearm swinging from his shoulders.The two can be seen punching each other and the officer was angered. People could not get close because they were afraid of the riffle the officer was carrying as he could use it at any time.

After fighting for about a minute the officer pulled out his riffle and shot the young man in the stomach. He picked some of his staff that had dropped during the fight and walked away.

The people that were watching stared in disbelief not knowing what to do. This video has been shared widely among Ugandans to warn them against confronting police officers because they might end up dead or injured.

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