Immigration arrests 1655 foreign nationals over illegal stay in the country between July and December 2023

   Peter Mundeyi - PRO interns affairs 

The ministry of internal affairs has disclosed that a total of 1655 foreign nationals were investigated and arrested by their officials on allegations of staying in the country illegally without clearance documents.

Simon Peter Mundeyi who is the spokesperson of the ministry of internal affairs said the operations were carried out by their department of inspection and legal services of the directorate of citizenship and immigration control between the month of July and December 2023 and it was aimed at curbing the illegal immigrants that find their way into the country.

“We raid a place where we suspect that these people are illegally, whoever does not have a document inform of a passport, work permit and dependant pass is arrested.” Said Mundeyi

He noted that among the 1655 foreign nationals arrested 36 were victims of trafficking in persons and 309 suspects were deported back to their countries.

He additionally revealed that a total of 80 people had already appealed to the responsible government authorities but with pending responses.

He also encouraged the companies employing any foreigners in their organisations to take the responsibility of ensuring that their workers get working permits before offering them services.

He however, urged all Ugandans to co-operate with their officials and report any suspected foreign nationals illegally living in the country to help ease their operations.

In other developments Mundeyi also urged the Ugandan citizens taking flights to make maximum utilisation of their E-clearance gates to avoid quing up at their service points at the Entebbe international Airport.

“all you have to do is to scan your passport and the procedure will be put down for you. It’s very easy to follow because after scanning your passport the gate will automatically open for you, we shall have captured your details.” Said Mundeyi 

He says the gates are modified with finger prints and facial recognition technology where it will require you to place a finger print and looking directly into the camera which later one configures your physical appearance with the details on the passport.

“we have done it at Entebbe Airport because we value the time for our clients especially those of Ugandan origin. We do not want to waste your time when you’ve travelled long distances.” He narrated 

He however stressed that this can only be done by the Ugandan nationals excluding the Foreign nationals who he insists must continue with the usual clearance systems at the Airport.

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